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"Tom has been a sensational teacher.  He has this ability to pick out my flaws and explain, in terms that I can understand, how I can work to fix them.  Above all of that he is a great gentleman and easy to work with.  The bottom line is that my index has gone down 1.5 points since I started working with him this winter.  Thank you Tom!"



“I don’t think it is possible to find a more creative, experienced, and knowledgeable teaching professional anywhere in the area. Tom’s commitment to the success of his clients is incredible."



"With his attention to detail and hard work Tom Sialiano has become one of the best instructors in the metro area. He does not try to reinvent the golf swing but takes the student's ability and makes adjustments to bring out the student's natural abilities they didn't know they had. Tom has taken my game and many others to the next level lowering handicaps and hitting GIR. Thank you and keep up the great work."



"Thank you for everything you've taught me during the clinic and the following 5 lessons. I've taken in so much about grip, stance, swing, position...and much more!"



"I just got back from a week's vacation and was able to play two rounds with Evan. Holy cats! His swing is so much better, and his play was much more consistent. I can't believe how much you two accomplished in four days."

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